Spring Showers – Rain and Snow

Spring is a beautiful time of year, especially when showers make flowers glisten with fresh sprinkles of rain and snow. Spring can also be a dangerous time of the year for driving on Colorado roads. It pays to prepare for the unexpected. Driving on picturesque roads and highways through Denver and the Rockies can be a pleasant adventure, or it can be frustrating, tiring and even hazardous. According to the AAA Exchange, wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year. When driving in the spring, you should always try to plan your trip accordingly. (Click on title to see more)

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Denver Restaurant Week 2016

Ride with us for Denver Restaurant Week! Denver Restaurant Week features over 150 restaurants in neighborhoods across the Denver Metro Area over a span of 10 days. Neighborhoods including Downtown, Olde Town Arvada, Cherry Creek and Stapleton are just a few of those showcased in this celebration of Denver's unique dining scene. We can provide you with transportation to restaurants in each featured neighborhood over all 10 days. Cut out the hassle of driving and parking, and have time to focus on each one-of-a-kind restaurant experience that Denver has to offer. (Click on title to see more)

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Please take a moment to click through the pages and take a peek! We are Pioneer Chauffeured Service. Our name is indicative of being trailblazers who are resourceful, able to overcome difficulties and thrive on challenges. We utilize the newest technology to help us provide you with an experience you deserve. Since 1999, we have set out to find our own path and chose not to follow others. Here at Pioneer, our team strives to develop personal relationships, as well as promoting accountability and ownership. We utilize state of the art reservation and communication systems to ensure a quick and easy way to provide the utmost customer experience. We perform criminal background checks and drug screenings on every one of our employees. We have several safety programs in place, as your safety is our number one concern. (Click on title to see more)

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Enjoy the stunning views of Denver’s surrounding mountains on our Peak-to-Peak tour, which travels along Colorado’s famous Scenic Byway. Travel in one of our modern sedans or SUVs, the perfect vehicle for a leisurely drive through mountains and forests. The scenic tour begins at Central City in the Roosevelt National Forest, and winds for 60 miles through the breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Along the way, stop to take in the peaks, wildlife, and sprawling forests of one of America’s most beautiful national parks. The entire drive takes no more than 2 hours, and is located less than an hour from Denver or Boulder. The Peak-to-Peak tour drive is the perfect day getaway into Colorado’s mountains. And with plenty of places to stop along the way including recreation areas, overlooks, and museums, there is always something new to see. Call us today to learn more about our Peak-to-Peak driving tour and don’t forget to ask us about the perfect vehicle for your trip! (Click on title to see more)

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Ammo and Suds

The days of the Old West are behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still pretend to be cowboys. Strap on your spurred boots and get ready for this Adventure: 2hr at a gun range, followed by 2 craft beer tastings and dinner. Regardless of whether you’ve held a gun before, the expert instructors will help guide you through a safety training and the basics of holding a weapon. We’ll gear up with proper eye and ear protection, and choose from a variety of pistols before stepping up to an individual shooting booth and taking aim down the 25-yard range. At the end of the session, we’ll take a look at each target and award the sharpest shooter with a prize. Bragging rights are also included – we’ll get to take home our shooting target for wall decoration. (Click on title to see more)

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Craft Brewery Tour

Expose your friends, family or co-workers to the rewarding world of beer diversity. Colorado is one of America’s true craft brewing hot spots! There is no place better than the Centennial State for fresh craft beer. Craft breweries are popping up throughout the Denver area and we have aligned ourselves with select craft breweries that you need to check out. Pioneer Chauffeured Service chose these breweries because of their attention to customer service, variety of beers, ambiance, conference rooms, food and more. Enjoy a craft beer sampler or individual pint with your friends, coworkers or family. Chose to visit 3, 4, or all 5 breweries. It’s your decision and leave the driving to us. (Click on title to see more)

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