Group Moves – Our Dedication to Excellent Service

We are just starting to come out of our slow winter season here at Pioneer. In the coming months, we are anticipating overseeing many groups in the Denver area and across the United States. Spring and summer are by far our busiest seasons for group travel. It is because of our excellent employees and our up to date technology that we are able to keep up with the large volume of clients traveling in and out of Denver and various locations across the US. Our reservations system allows us to track flights in real time, thus cutting down on time spent tracking individual arrivals. The system also allows us to manage multiple groups at once by displaying our clients’ and company names on screen at all times, as well as the arrival and departure locations and times.

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Social Media – Avenues to Our Clients

Over the last few months, Pioneer Chauffeured Service has chosen to have a larger presence regarding social media on the World Wide Web. Through these mediums we wish to offer information by providing a variety and convenient means of media in order to maintain contact with our clients and for them to connect with us. Our blog is updated each week with content that is either relevant to our industry or about the inner workings of Pioneer. This post is then published on our website and distributed across our social networks. On Facebook we create and share posts relevant to our community and the chauffeur/travel industry. Like us on Facebook to easily see our posts regarding travel and special events in the area and around the United States.

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How Pioneer Keeps You Safe – Vehicle Maintenance

Pioneer does not take the issue of safety lightly. We take every precaution to make sure that your experience with us is as safe as possible in each and every of our vehicles. All Pioneer vehicles: -Are model year 2013 or newer -Are inspected daily before being dispatched -Are thoroughly inspected weekly by office staff -Are put through a mandatory annual safety inspection by certified mechanics -Are only maintained by certified mechanics -Contain a detailed accident packet and accident procedures -Contain all up to date insurance forms and inspection paperwork -Can be monitored on our GPS system -Maintenance is integrated into our GPS system so that all information is linked and tracked as accurately as possible according to mileage and time

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How Pioneer Keeps You Safe – Staff, Chauffeurs and Office

At Pioneer Chauffeur Service, we take great pride in keeping our clients safe physically and also keeping personal information secure. All Employees: -Must pass a required pre-employment background check -Must pass a required pre-employment drug screening -Quarterly random drug screening -Are bound to a strict confidentiality agreement Chauffeurs: -Are enrolled in an insurance based safety program -Must participate in a monthly company safety training -Are required to pass a road certification test upon hire Office: -Secure hosting actively monitors entire network -Hosting company contracts with two additional security teams to inspect everything -Antivirus software installed on every computer with weekly scans -Quarterly penetration test to ensure network does not have exposed vulnerabilities -Computers never used for employee’s personal use

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St Patrick’s Day – To Drink or to Drive?

Having a designated driver is the best way to ensure that everyone stays safe when you are out having a fun time. As a designated driver, you must refuse to drink any alcohol, otherwise you may be putting yourself and others in danger. The designated driver is not the “least drunk” out of everyone. From 2010-2014, nearly 2 out of 3 traffic fatalities between midnight and 6am after St Patrick’s Day occurred in drunk driving crashes. Over St. Patrick’s Day from 2009 to 2013, there were a total of 276 lives lost in drunk-driving crashes. Did you know that in the State of Colorado, 1st Offense DUI can result in one or more of the following: Administrative license revocation for 9 months; $600 to $1,000 fine; up to 1 year in jail; up to 96 hours community service; alcohol education. (Click on title to see more)

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Spring Showers – Rain and Snow

Spring is a beautiful time of year, especially when showers make flowers glisten with fresh sprinkles of rain and snow. Spring can also be a dangerous time of the year for driving on Colorado roads. It pays to prepare for the unexpected. Driving on picturesque roads and highways through Denver and the Rockies can be a pleasant adventure, or it can be frustrating, tiring and even hazardous. According to the AAA Exchange, wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year. When driving in the spring, you should always try to plan your trip accordingly. (Click on title to see more)

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