At Pioneer Chauffeured Service, we take great pride in keeping our clients safe physically and also keeping personal information secure.

All Employees:
-Must pass a required pre-employment background check
-Must pass a required pre-employment drug screening
-Quarterly random drug screening
-Are bound to a strict confidentiality agreement

-Are enrolled in an insurance based safety program (STOP Program)
-Must participate in a monthly company based safety training
-Are required to pass a road certification test upon hire

-Secure hosting actively monitors entire network
-Antivirus software installed on every computer with weekly scans
-Quarterly penetration test to ensure network does not have exposed vulnerabilities
– Hosting company contracts with two additional security teams to inspect everything from inside the network as well as from outside, in addition providing independent review of the codes
-Computers never used for employee’s personal use


photo credit: Downloading via photopin (license)