Did you know that limousine services existed as early as 1902? In those periods, the limo driver was seated outside the main compartment, being exposed to various weather conditions and road dust. Nowadays, limo drivers have better working conditions and they also do a better job when it comes to driving you around. Some clients might be inclined to tip the driver for his exceptional service, but how much to tip car service driver?

Read on to find out about tipping limo drivers.

See If Gratuity Is Included In The Contract

When it comes to tipping shuttle drivers, there are several aspects you need to take into account. For example, read your limo rental contract and see if gratuity is stipulated somewhere in the pages. Gratuity basically refers to the tip clients might be willing to offer to drivers, chauffeurs, waiters, etc.

Some companies decide to include the gratuity in the total bill, so you might not have to tip extra if you don’t want to. Other companies let the client decide if they want to tip or not. In any case, it’s better to also ask the driver if he accepts a tip or not. Tipping the driver directly also means that the money goes straight to him and not returned to the company which might decide to share the included gratuity with drivers later on.

Things To Consider Before Deciding The Tip Amount

Whether the gratuity is included or not, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before deciding the tipping amount. Here are a few of them:

1. Did You Feel Safe And Comfortable Throughout Your Entire Ride?

Most people rent a limo, sedan or SUV when they want to travel around town. Regardless of the vehicle choice, it’s important to feel safe and cozy inside. Did you? 

2. Was The Driver Polite With You And Your Loved Ones?

High-quality limo drivers and chauffeurs might open the doors for you when getting inside and outside the car. They might also help you with luggage and answer your questions regarding the travel time, directions, etc.

3. Was The Driver Knowledgeable?

Speaking of directions, many incidents might occur on public roads. For example, there might be a car accident in front as well as a traffic jam. A good driver might take alternate routes to arrive at the destination because he has knowledge about the area. Was your driver able to figure a way out and make you arrive at your destination safely?

4. Was Your Chauffeur Willing To Make Unscheduled Stops At Your Request?

This can also happen during your trips. Let’s say that you rent a town car for a few hours to drive around a foreign city. You might be in the mood for certain drinks or foods and ask the driver to make a quick detour, so that you can get what you want. You might want to change the route a bit to pick up a friend. If the driver is willing to fulfill such requests, it’s a good idea to tip him.

5. The Driver Waited For You Until You Were Ready To Go

This can also happen to clients. They schedule a pickup time but there’s always something to do at the last minute. A polite driver might wait for you a few minutes until you pack everything or get ready to go. This is a sign that your driver is professional and you might want to tip him.

These are just a few important questions you might want to ask yourself before tipping a driver. In most cases, showing excellent levels of skill and knowledge is what might make clients want to tip the driver in the first place, so pay attention to these aspects.

Learn The Basic Tipping Guidelines

If you think you’ve had a great ride and arrived on time, you probably want to tip your driver to show your gratitude. As a general rule of thumb, most people tip between 10% and 20% of the total value of the limo service. For example, if your ride was priced at $200, you could tip between $20 and $40 for the exceptional driving qualities shown by the chauffeur.

Deciding what percentage is more appropriate in your particular case depends on various factors. For example, if the driver arrived early and provided a great service, you might want to tip 10% or 15%. If the driver was very polite and managed to find alternate routes, you could tip 20% for his excellent service.

Why Should You Tip The Driver In The First Place?

Most people want to tip because they’re thankful for the service offered. On top of that, there’s also a long-term benefit that derives from tipping a limo driver.

Think about the fact that you might be back in town at some point in the future. You’ll require a limo or town car and work with the same company as before because you liked their services. If you get assigned the same driver, he will eventually remember you and want to provide exceptional service because you showed your gratitude in the form of a tip the first time. You’re building a professional relationship with people willing to help you have a great time.

How Much To Tip Car Service Driver

Hopefully, this article answered your original question – how much to tip car service drivers. It’s all about practice and taking advantage of town car services to establish your tipping routine, so don’t hesitate to go with your gut and tip how much you think it’s most appropriate.

Also, if you are not convinced that hiring a private chauffeur is the right thing then you should check out our blog. We have a detailed piece on the reasons why private drivers are recommended during corporate events and you can contact us to arrange a limo rental service tailored to your needs!