When you need to get around, it’s important that you explore all corporate transportation options in front of you. 

The two main options that business professionals explore include the hire of a chauffeur or a driver. You might use either of these professionals for a number of reasons — such as travel to and from business meetings, rides to the airport for travel, helping guests get around, and buying you time to do some work in the backseat. 

However, there are some major differences you need to know about hiring a chauffeur, as opposed to a driver. 

Read on to learn the difference between a chauffeur and a driver.

1. A Driver Only Operates the Vehicle, While a Chauffeur Is Responsible for High-Level Service

The major difference you need to know about drivers and chauffeurs deals with the job requirement. To be a driver, simply put — all you really have to do is drive. 

Sure, there are phenomenal drivers, good drivers, great drivers, average drivers, and poor drivers, and different companies have different requirements. But at the end of the day, drivers are rarely held to the standard of chauffeurs or asked to fulfill the same requirements. 

A chauffeur doesn’t just work to drive you to your destination in a punctual manner and in comfort, but they go above and beyond to make the transportation a true experience for you. They’ll often provide beverages and refreshments, can offer you privacy to field phone calls or be with your own thoughts or entertainment, wear impeccably fine suits, and take the time to wait on you hand and foot. 

It’s essentially the same as booking a hotel that lays out the red carpet for you with services, amenities, and pampering, as opposed to booking a motel that is clean and efficient but with little else outside of the basics. 

Chauffeurs undergo extensive training to learn how to offer you their high standard of service. The more we’re on the go in today’s society, the more these chauffeur skills are becoming a lost art. 

This is especially true today, with the advent and rapid rise of rideshare apps. Close to 40 percent of people have used a rideshare service. 

With a rideshare app, getting a driver that is experienced or even polite is hit or miss. You’re getting matched with drivers who likely pick up riders on the side, rather than making this their full-time occupation. 

Since this is what most individuals are used to, private driver companies are also beginning to cut corners. If you want the best, only a chauffeur will do. 

2. You Can Count on Chauffeurs to Have Nothing But Top of the Line Automobiles

Hiring a chauffeur is also a great idea because these professionals always have luxury and executive level vehicles.

Chauffeurs often drive vehicles like luxury sedans, executive-level SUVs and vans, limousines, and other such vehicles. These chauffeur vehicles often happen to be manufactured by the best luxury car creators in the world. 

For instance, some of the best chauffeur automobiles include the Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach, Rolls-Royce Phantom, BMW 7 Series, and Bentley Mulsanne.

While economy vehicles are wonderful and have their place, business is all about doing everything that you can to leave an impression. Having these luxury vehicles at your disposal denote attention to detail and the fact that your company is doing well enough to have access to these vehicles and this level of service.

Of course, you have to deliver in meetings and conversations, but pulling up in one of these vehicles, or giving a client a ride in one creates a first impression that you really can’t put a price tag on. 

Not only do chauffeur companies have access to these vehicles, they usually have an entire fleet — so you will be able to take the pick of your favorite luxury vehicle, and decide on which is best for your particular need. 

3. Chauffeurs Provide Discretion and Excellent Service for Events or a Lifestyle

Finally, getting access to a chauffeur is an excellent accompaniment for whatever mood or lifestyle you are trying to create. 

For instance, if you are attending a wedding or birthday party, or are making an appearance at an important event, pulling up with a chauffeur definitely sets the tone. Not only will you create the environment that you choose, but your driver will also make your life easier every step of the way. 

Chauffeurs are accustomed to the corporate world, and can always give you privacy when you need it or can pull additional favors for you without it being a burden or nickelling and diming with extra charges. 

A professional chauffeur will go above and beyond to make your experience them one to remember, regardless of how long you need their services. 

Book the Corporate Transportation That You Need

As you can see, a driver will get you around, but booking a chauffeur is a next-level decision for your corporate transportation. You will be able to enjoy quality customer service that you just won’t get when you hire a driver. 

This is particularly important in the business world, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the best chauffeur that you can find. 

We take pride in what we do and would be glad to provide you with this chauffeur service when you are looking for it. 

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