In 2018, 36% of Americans used ridesharing services. If you travel often, then you may be one of these Americans.

Dislike taxis? Then you might think your only viable alternative is rideshare apps.

But the truth is, there’s another great option: privately chauffeured cars.

The next time you need a ride, think again before you pull up your favorite rideshare app. Here’s why private chauffeurs are much better.

You Won’t Have to Wait

The main problem with rideshare apps is you’re at the mercy of the available drivers around you. This is because they drive on their own schedules and there are no real “shifts.”

If you need a ride in a large city that’s a main hub for things, it won’t be as big of a problem; you might be able to get a driver within a few minutes. But if you’re trying to get a ride in a more rural area, it can pose a problem. Wait times can be around 15 minutes or more, and in worst-case scenarios, you’ll have to keep waiting and refreshing to see if any drivers appear around you.

All that guesswork and uncertainty can add unnecessary stress to your day, especially if you’re coming or going from an important business meeting.

By choosing a private chauffeur, all you need to worry about is confirming the times you need transportation. You can have full confidence in knowing that you’ll be driven to and from the places you need to be without having to wait.

They’re Professionals

When you hire private chauffeurs for corporate transportation, you can count on the drivers to be complete professionals.

First of all, the company that hired them will thoroughly screen them. This means these chauffeurs have a completely clean driving record.

Also, they’ll also provide extensive training to ensure that not only do the private chauffeurs drive safely, but also they’re courteous and have impeccable customer service for their passengers.

In addition, these companies will have regular performance evaluations to make sure their drivers don’t slip in the quality of services they provide.

Now consider any ridesharing app. While yes, it’s true drivers are screened, it’s not to the extent of how a professional company would. With the number of scandals involved with these apps, it’s best to stay away from them and go with a reputable company with private chauffeurs you can trust.

They Know the Area Better

Part of the rigorous training private chauffeurs have to go through is learning all about the local area. In addition to becoming familiar with all the streets, they’ll also have the proper knowledge to know which ones to avoid during rush hour and which ones are currently under construction.

Some rideshare drivers may know the city like the back of their hands, while others will barely be familiar with it. Even so, most of them rely heavily on Google Maps, which doesn’t always suggest the best route. As a result, this can throw in unexpected delays, which may cost you your punctuality.

When you have important meetings to attend, this is simply unacceptable. Ensure you get to your vital business matters by using private chauffeurs instead of unreliable rideshare apps.

The Cars Are Safer

To become a rideshare driver, usually, all you need to do is upload one or two pictures of your vehicle and that’s it. Most of the time, you won’t need a physical inspection; all that’s required is for you to submit proof of the proper paperwork such as the certificate of registration and technical inspection).

While photos can tell a lot about a vehicle, you can still take them in such a way to hide any dents or scratches. These images also won’t tell you if there’s anything wrong with the engine or brakes.

While drivers have to submit proof of a technical inspection, rideshare companies claim they’re valid for one year after the inspection date. As a result, you can be riding in a dangerous car and never even know it.

On the other hand, chauffeur companies will put each vehicle in their fleet through rigorous inspections. Not only that, but they’ll perform them routinely as well.

It’s Classier and More Luxurious

With rideshare apps, it can be hit or miss when it comes to both the vehicle and your driver. It’s true that some drivers go above and beyond to make your experience with them amazing.

For example, they’ll supply you with good music, conversation, and amenities like bottles of water, snacks, and candy. And they’ll also make sure their car smells good with a pleasant-smelling air freshener.

But that’s not always the case.

Some drivers just do the bare minimum to meet the requirements to become a rideshare driver. So you may get one that barely says a word to you and has a grumpy look on his face the entire time. And not only might his car may reek of cigarette smoke, but he may also have trash lying around, and plays terrible music (that he won’t let you change).

However, you can always count on private chauffeurs to show up with a spotless vehicle that smells nice. They’ll always be polite and do whatever they can to make your ride with them the best one possible.

Choose Private Chauffeurs Over Rideshare Apps

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits of using private chauffeurs, you’ll wonder why you ever favored rideshare apps. Considering if you’re traveling with some coworkers, when you spread the cost of a private vehicle between all of you, it’s really more affordable than you initially thought.

So for your next business trips, forget about ridesharing. Enjoy a luxurious ride without having to pay a fortune.

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