Airports can be a real nightmare. If you aren’t duly prepared, you are at risk to make a mistake on your travel days and you could miss a flight, wasting hours if not days of your valuable time.

No matter what, dealing with certain parts of the airport experience is no fun. However, there are a few airport tips to help you avoid a major headache.

Hiring a professional chauffeur simplifies the whole process. Let the pros handle your transportation. Read ahead to learn how to choose a private driver and avoid stress at the airport.

Top Airport Tips for Saving Time

Here are four ways to help you get the most out of your travel day.

1. Hire A Driver

Perhaps the most stressful part of dealing with the airport doesn’t happen at the airport. The drive itself often creates the most anxiety for travelers.

Many of us live well over an hour from the nearest airport. And we all know that airports tend to be areas with a lot of traffic. Throw in an accident or some road work and you could end up facing major problems.

2. Dealing With Security

So, you made it past check-in but now it’s time for security. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) agents are not playing around.

It can be annoying and sometimes they aren’t very pleasant. However, it is in your interest to play along. They have the power to pull you aside and waste as much of your time as possible.

Be respectful and patient. The agents are trying to guarantee our safety and have to deal with thousands of angry people every day.

How to Make Things Easier

It almost seems like endless TSA lines are just a part of traveling. Given the global climate, the TSA implements very tight measures to ensure safety.

They employ a layered passenger screening system that begins before you even set foot in the airport.

The particular security measures in place at any given place and time can vary slightly. They are capacitated to adjust their operation according to their needs.

Carry On Baggage Screening

The TSA screens just under 5 million pieces of carry-on bags for drugs, weapons, dangerous chemicals, and other banned material.

That is obvious. However, you must know the rules about transporting liquids in your carryon.

If you are planning on taking liquids with you in your carry-on, you should place them in a transparent plastic bag. Also, they must be in travel-sized containers no larger than 3.4 fl. oz. or 100 milliliters if you wish to bring them with you on the plane.

Personal Screening

We are all familiar with this part. It is a bit silly and a little awkward to have to remove your shoes, hat, and jewelry in front of hundreds of strangers but it is a necessary part of the process.

Don’t forget to remove everything from your pockets, metal or not.

Tensions can be high for everyone. Now is not the time for dark humor or sassy attitudes unless you want to get flagged. Unlike you, they are in no rush at all and have no problem berating you and/or taking you aside to making you wait alone in a room.

Be Conscious of Your Belongings

The best way to avoid a problem with the TSA is to be aware of the rules and abide by them.

You shouldn’t bring any prohibited items on a plane. However, you might be surprised about the regulations because these change from time to time. It’s worth it to double-check if you have any doubts.

Pack your bags and be aware of what’s in every compartment/pocket or every single thing you have with you. If you are found with a banned item, ignorance is not an acceptable defense.

How Long Does TSA Precheck Take?

TSA Precheck is a great way to beat the lines. It takes 2-3 weeks to get approved after the in-person appointment.

3. Have Your Documents Ready

There was once a time when purchasing a plane ticket was taken with the same security measures as a city bus pass. You bought a ticket per passenger and that was that.

Now, strict passenger identification screens are in place. This maintains the control of preventing fugitives from traveling.

Double-check and then check one more time to make sure you have your documents before you leave the house. You can beg all you want but you will not get on a plane without them

License/Identification Card

Generally, a driver’s license or any other form of valid identification is acceptable for domestic flights (within the US).

Starting on Oct 1, 2021, you will be required to use a REAL ID-compliant license or other acceptable ID. The deadline for this switch was moved from 2020 to 2021 due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.


For an international flight, you will need a valid passport. They normally take about a month to arrive after you order one so plan accordingly.


Of course, anywhere you go in the world, you will need some money. The maximum amount of cash you can bring with you without having to declare it is $10,000.

Notify your bank before any international travel to avoid major inconveniences abroad. If you live in Boston, your bank will assume the $200 charge at a Prague nightclub is a case of fraud and can freeze your account.

4. Live The Airport Life

The airport doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. If you take into account the previous advice you will likely have a little spare time.

If you like you can even plan to enjoy a couple of hours of airport shopping and dining.

Where else can you have a bloody mary at 8 am, go duty-free shopping for designer fashion, and then people-watch while you catch up on some work/reading?

Getting From A to B Hassle-Free

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’d be hardpressed to find someone is who truly passionate about the time they spend in airports.

However, if you take a little time to plan and heed our airport tips, you can prevent missing a flight or, at least, a major stress episode. You might even enjoy the experience a little more.

Go ahead, let one of our chauffeurs accompany you to the airport and beat the traffic stress. Check out our blog to learn more about riding with us.