At the time of writing, there are currently over 1,800 cases of coronavirus in the United States. As more and more cases are discovered, you may be fearful of contracting it yourself. But your life can’t come to a grinding halt just because of this threat.

If you need to get from place to place, then it’s best you avoid public transportation, where you’re exposed to large crowds in confined spaces. The safest bet would be to get a chauffeur.

However, you’re still in close contact with someone during your ride. So you want to make sure there are protocols in place to prevent the virus from spreading.

Here are all the ways private chauffeurs are fighting coronavirus.

Sanitizing Their Vehicles After Every Client

While the evidence isn’t concrete yet, it’s thought that coronavirus can survive for up to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel.

So even if a client doesn’t cough or sneeze, they may have coronavirus cells on their hands. And they touch the surfaces of a car, they may be inadvertently spread the virus around.

As part of the safety protocol, private chauffeurs will thoroughly sanitize both the exterior and interior of their vehicles after every client. This includes using EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectants to wipe down the commonly used touchpoints in the vehicles, such as the seatbelts and the door handles.

Providing Disinfecting Wipes and Other Supplies for Clients

It’s already standard for chauffeurs to provide their clients with some basic supplies in their cars, such as tissues and hand sanitizer. These can allow clients to cough or sneeze into the tissues instead of directly into their hands.

In addition, our private chauffeurs are also offering disinfecting wipes for clients to use. Not only can they utilize this in the vehicles, but they can also take them along to wipe down other surfaces during their time outside. For instance, clients can use them on airplanes or public bathrooms.

We want to do our part in helping stop the spread of coronavirus, which is why we provide these supplies free of charge to our clients.

Ceasing the Use of Handshakes

Normally, it’s standard for chauffeurs to offer their clients a handshake when they get out and greet them. This is a signature of upscale and luxurious service.

But because coronavirus is spread from direct contact, professional chauffeurs are now temporarily ceasing the use of handshakes. We hope that clients won’t take this as a sign of disrespect, as that’s not the intention.

Stopping the use of handshakes not only protects the driver, but also the clients. By reducing the points of contact between people, this can make it harder for coronavirus to spread.

Ceasing Offerings of Unnecessary Services

In normal circumstances, many chauffeurs will offer their clients reading material, bowls of mints, and other snacks. However, this may promote the spread of coronavirus in these times.

Today, many of these services are still available, but only if they’re individually packaged and/or sealed. Unfortunately, printed reading material in seat-back pockets is now being removed. These can be potentially touched by hundreds of clients over the course of a week.

The ceasing of unnecessary services may detract a little quality from your ride. However, keep in mind that all this is done to ensure the safety of everyone.

Washing Their Hands More Often

Of course, in normal times, chauffeurs should practice good hygiene anyway. But during this pandemic, they’re being more conscious about washing their hands more often.

Plus, they’re using hand sanitizer more often, especially if they need to wash their hands but can’t access a sink and soap. Your drivers will do everything in their power to make sure their hands are free of any contaminants.

Deep Cleaning Their Vehicles Every Day

In addition to sanitizing vehicles in between each client, chauffeurs will also deep clean their vehicles at the end of each workday. Not just that, but the detailing crew will also use additional sanitizing products. This will further reduce the chances of any coronavirus cells sticking around in the vehicle.

By providing deep cleaning for these fleets on a daily basis, chauffeur companies are ensuring that their clients stay healthy. Not just them, but their drivers too.

Staying Home if They Feel Sick

The most important thing private chauffeurs can do to fight coronavirus is to stay home if they feel sick or feel that they have any symptoms of the virus. Even if they rigorously follow sanitizing procedures, all it takes is one cough or sneeze that’s improperly covered to transmit their illness to someone else.

This is why it’s so important that anyone with symptoms (even mild ones) stay home, even if it means missing work.

Rest assured that here at Pioneer Chauffeured Service, we’re offering our drivers ways to make up for lost income. That way, they don’t feel pressured to come in and drive, even if they’re not feeling well.

Get Peace of Mind With Your Chauffeur

As you can see, private chauffeurs are doing everything they can to ensure they’re not spreading the coronavirus.

When you need to get to a particular destination, you can have peace of mind that your chauffeur is providing a safe environment for you.

When you choose Pioneer Chauffeured Service, you can be confident that all our drivers have been briefed on health and safety protocols. Additionally, they will not come to work if they’re experiencing flu-like symptoms.

If you’d like to hire a chauffeur service that’s socially responsible in these hard times, then get in touch with us now. We hold our drivers to the highest and strictest standards and work hard to protect your health.