Pioneer Chauffeured Service is in 100% compliance with all PUC and Colorado Labor Laws.
Last year, Pioneer passed the Colorado PUC inspection without a single infraction.

-We track driver hours consistently to be sure that our drivers maintain an adequate amount of down time legally for their safety, and also for the safety of our clients
-Each driver carries a valid Colorado Driver’s License
-Each one of our drivers possess and carries a Herdics license
-Each driver is evaluated and carries an up to date DOT physical card
-Each quarter, 25% our driver pool is chosen at random to complete a random drug test, and are also subject to testing under any reasonable circumstance

-Registration and insurance are kept inside the vehicle and are never out of date
-Each vehicle undergoes a strict, mandatory annual safety inspection
-Oil changes every 20,000 miles
-Brake Check / Tire Rotation every 10,000 miles
-Every day each car goes through a pre-trip inspection and a weekly inspection by office staff

photo credit: 4/366: It’s so good to be back… via photopin (license)